What is the difference of the different qualities?

The standard quality is a more economical way to take the photos and the retouching will be just basic.
For the higher qualities we spend more time with th lighting and using a technology where we take up to 20 photos and add them together to get the jewelry from the front to the back in focus.
The retouching will be also a lot more intense.
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What is the setup fee in your pricelist?

The setup fee includes setting up every project, preparing the files with the different sizes and storing them on a disc, USB stick or as a downloadable file.
It also includes a backup of the files on our servers.

 Do you save all the photos?

Yes, we have different backup server and we store all the files. So if you are loosing your files you can request another copy of your files.

Can we get the photos with a different background instead of white?

Yes. We can shoot the jewelry on a different background like paper or fabric or if you include the clipping path to your order the background can be changed later to a different color or anything else. 

 What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends on the amount of items and the quality, but usually it is 3 or 4 business days for the standard and 2 or 3 days for the high quality.
Some clients bring their jewelry in the morning and pick up the final CD at the same day in the evening. We also offer an exedited service for a faster turn around time of 1 business day.

 Will I get TIFF or JPEG files?

You will get both. A JPEG file with the size you need for your website and a high resolution TIFF file for print with 300dpi. 

 Can I mail you my products?

Yes. The products will be returend to you by USPS, FedEx or UPS. You can include a shipping label or the shipping will be included in the invoice.

 How will I get the images?

All files are delivered on a DVD, hard drive or memory stick for PC and Macintosh computer. We also offer a delivery via FTP download.

 What kind of lighting equipment do you use? Do you have one of those lighting boxes for jewelry

No, the lights inside those boxes are very cheap and you cannot really controll them.
Every jewelry needs a different lighting so we use professional Profoto and Briese strobes, softboxes, other light formers and different custom made tables and accessories. 

 Why are your rates so much lower than other photographers in New York?

I am working as a professional photographer since many years with over 100.000 product photos so with my team we can work very economical.

 Will the colors of my jewelry be the same in the photos?

Yes. The lighting system we are using has a very consistent color temperatur and we are using calibrated monitors.